torsdag 15 juli 2010

André Kagwa Rwisereka - MURDERED

Assassination of Rwandan Greens Vice President
Mr André Kagwa Rwisereka
Global Greens demand investigation into the murder
Call on the Commonwealth to act

The Global Greens express their deep shock and sadness at the murder of Rwandan Greens Vice President Mr André Kagwa Rwisereka on 13 July 2010. Mr Rwisereka was a prominent member of the Rwandan Democratic Green Party which has been systematically blocked from registering as a political party. The assassination of André Kagwa Rwisereka is a tragic event that requires a strong reaction from the Rwandan institutions. The murderers of André Kagwa Rwisereka must be identified and brought to justice.

Mr Rwisereka’s murder appears to be another sign of the growing repression of Rwandan opposition groups and media as President Paul Kagame prepares for elections in August. There is serious doubt whether the elections will be free and fair.

The Global Greens call on the international community to act immediately against the increasing violations of human rights and democratic rules in Rwanda.

The Global Greens particularly call on the Commonwealth to enforce its standards of human rights and democracy. Rwanda was admitted to the Commonwealth less than one year ago, in December 2009, against the clear advice of the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI).

If the Commonwealth fails to act, now that the CHRI warnings about Rwanda are being bourne out, it will signal the Commonwealth’s shallow commitment to its values.

The Global Greens call on Green Parties around the world to raise the Rwandan situation with their governments and to request they take action to ensure that members of Green and other opposition parties are able to safely pursue their democratic rights.

The Rwandan government must also guarantee the safety of opposition groups and individuals and their freedom to speak out against the regime.

We send our deepest sympathy to Mr Rwisereka’s family, friends and colleagues.

The Global Greens Coordination

More information: James Tonson,

Global Greens Statement
15 July 2010