onsdag 23 februari 2011

Call for Gaddafi´s resignation!

Global Greens call for Gaddafi’s resignation and an immediate end to the bloody repression in Libya

Global Greens Statement • 23 February, 2011

The Global Greens call in the strongest possible terms for an immediate halt to the bloody crackdown launched by the regime of Colonel Gaddafi and his clan against Libyan protesters. The bombing of unarmed people whose only ‘crime’ is going to the streets to protest, if confirmed, constitutes a crime against humanity. Similarly, the use of mercenary forces to attack unarmed civilians is a flagrant human rights violation. Colonel Gaddafi should resign.

Greens all over the world express their solidarity with the families of the hundreds of victims killed in the country and join them in their grief over the loss of their loved ones.

The Global Greens welcome the United Nations’ decision to establish a commission to conduct an independent investigation into the violence in Libya.

Colonel Gaddafi is risking if not promoting civil war. Urgent action is needed to end this bloody massacre and free the people of Libya. The funds of the main leaders of the Gaddafi clan should be frozen. Cynical agreements for economic help in return for refugee repatriation, made by Italy and under consideration by the European Union, should end.

We regret that the reaction so far of many world leaders, especially in western countries, has been overly cautious, more concerned with stability and trade than with the fate of Libyans protesting against one of the most brutal regimes in contemporary history.

The Global Greens call on international and regional organizations and governments, especially those that have previously tolerated and supported the Libyan dictatorship, to support instead the democratic forces in the country. 41 years of Gaddafi are enough! The era of geopolitics where countries are unashamedly complicit with criminals and inhuman dictatorships to protect their commercial interests has to end.

The Global Greens also call on the Libyan people who are demanding their political and human rights in the streets of Tripoli, Benghazi and other cities to follow democratic, secular and republican principles, respectful of the beliefs of everyone and capable of laying the foundations for a socially more just and politically more open country.

The Global Greens Coordination

måndag 14 februari 2011

Global Greens warmly support the people of Egypt

Global Greens Statement

14 February 2011

The Global Greens warmly congratulate the Egyptian people and especially the militants and activists whose commitment and courage made it possible to put an end to the Mubarak regime and animated this wonderful and historic movement.

The Egyptian people have given an extraordinary example not only to the Arab people but to all people around the world.

The Greens salute the achievement of the Egyptian people in overcoming the wall of fear created by decades of repression and bringing together young people with women and representatives from all sectors of society, giving rise to a modern, inclusive and democratic movement.

The military forces that have inherited power have an enormous responsibility to cooperate directly with representatives of the democratic movement so that the claims of the street are put into practice in the best possible way. The challenge is to prevent the revolution being hijacked by religious sectarianism, or a new military regime. The interim regime should assure:
- Immediate fair and open negotiations with the representatives of the democratic movement in the street;
- Complete suspension of the use of armed force;
- Creation of an interim government acceptable to all to drive the transition to democracy and of a representative body to elaborate the constitutional reforms required to ensure democratic elections as soon as possible;
- Steps to dismantle the repressive machinery set up by the Mubarak regime in recent decades;
- Honouring of the victims of the recent violent repression, with compensation for their families and punishment of those responsible;
- Access to the public media for all forces interested in establishing a democratic and secular republic in Egypt;
- Adoption of early measures constituting a serious step towards greater social justice and the fight against corruption;
- Immediate dissolution of the chambers of representatives resulting from the corrupt elections of November 2010;
- A clear and binding roadmap, agreed between all the actors involved, leading to a date being set for democratic elections and the necessary preparations for free and fair elections.

The inspirational example set by the Egyptian people inspires our struggle for democracy where this does not yet exist, has been trampled or is in danger. We hope that the respect shown to all minorities during the protests continues and deepens.

We reaffirm our hope that the new Egypt deepens its role as a force for peace and dialogue in the region, including strengthening its role as a broker for peace between the Palestinians and Israel while honouring its existing peace treaty with Israel.

As a movement of more than 80 Green parties from all parts of the world, we stand ready to put our experience in the struggle for democracy, social justice and environmental protection at the disposal of the Egyptian people.

We send special greetings to all activists inspired by the ideas of political ecology who contributed their bit to this revolution and wish the Egyptian Greens a bright future in the new Egypt.